Ealon Magazine is the seed that is being planted in the hope that the fruit brought forth will feed the souls of its readers.  Ealon Magazine (EM) attempts to address the concerns that affect the lives of women.  Let’s get real!  Women are nurturers.  Whether the nurturing takes place within our families, on our jobs, or in the organizations we belong to, we are always moving forward with the goal in mind that something good will result from the work.

As women we must keep reaching.  While we rock the world, we must find the time to rock ourselves, to balance our lives, to become.

We are not here to answer the typical questions you will find in other magazines.   Ealon Magazine hopes to address the concerns and questions that result in life changing events for its readers.  Do we have the answers?  Maybe …Maybe not, but together we will take the journey that hopefully will lead to clarity.

As you turn the pages of Ealon Magazine, it is our hope that you find inside, a step that leads you towards the journey that is yours, a little something to help you along the way.  One thing is for sure,  what you will find in the pages of Ealon Magazine, are friends.




Desnee E. Young